1. We have a fight and stop talking. We haven’t spoken since. Months later, I dream about you one night and it reminds me how much I miss you. How stupid our fight had been. How much I appreciated you as a friend.

    But I’m too afraid you’ll still hate me so I don’t say anything. I’m still hurt by what you said, but I miss you.

  2. So I was unpacking some Barbie clothes and discovered some will fit my little Pinkie Cooper Ginger Jones doll.

    Pretty damn cute imo.

  3. maliajade-art:

    Why not

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  4. Alcohol and feely music from my teen years are not necessarily a good combination.

  5. diarycrux:

    a challenge for graphic makers, fanfic writers, or whatever outlet it is that you unleash your creativity upon.

    1. strength / weakness
    2. order / chaos
    3. noise / silence
    4. shallow / deep
    5. near / far
    6. lost / found
    7. past / present
    8. emotion / logic
    9. beginning / end
    10. storm / calm
    11. focus / blur
    12. split / whole
    13. vibrant / pale
    14. dawn / dusk
    15. passion / apathy
    16. light / dark

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  6. asknyotaliagermany:

    Dachshund Chihuahua Mix In Need!

    **This really broke my heart! I am putting this here as my blog is semi-noticed. Please check this out…**

    Owner Description:

    Skyler is a 3 year old dachshund and chihuahua mix. He is very playful and loves children. He can be yappy at times but is a great dog. I am unable to care for Skyler due to medical condition. He just suffered a slipped disc this weekend and has lost all his nerve feelings on his back end. He is in need of medical attention and possibly a surgery. He is on pain meds and has been on crate rest. The other option was for him to get euthanized and I do not want that for him especially if he is able to have a chance. I want to do what’s best for him. If you are interested in saving Skylers life, PLEASE feel free to email me. Thank you.


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  7. I FINALLY got my painting table cleaned off and organized.

    Next up is to figure out my next project.

    I’ve got a box of doll baits under my desk waiting to be painted.

    Hmm. Who first?

  8. We’re being daring today. He’s lying on my super sharp sewing scissors.


  9. TODAY

    [X] Printed the husband’s resume

    [X] Emailed graphic design teacher

    [why…] Clean

  10. annabellethetricorger:

    Whoops I made a blog! I guess that happens when you stomp on the computer!

    My name is Annabelle and I’m a Tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi!